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First Casting Rumors RONDA ROUSEY

According to a few sources, UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has been attached to Mockingjay. No confirmation from Lionsgate and no word one which role she would play. The script is still in final development, so the likelihood of casting now is quite slim. What role do you think she would get? Paylor? York? Leegs?

ronda rousey



A huge congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence for winning the Oscar for Best Actress.

Two of the best dressed that night were Jennifer Lawrence and Alicia Vikander, who is currently the fan favorite for the role of Annie.


New Catching Fire Posters

What do you think of the Victory Tour posters?

Catching Fire Poster 1

Catching Fire Poster 2


DR. AURELIUS (Male, age unknown)
Dr. Aurelius is a resident doctor of District 13, who specialized in the care of the mentally unstable during the war. He is in charge of taking care of Katniss.