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FULVIA CARDEW (Female, age unknown)
Fulvia Cardew, originally a Capitol citizen, is Plutarch Heavensbee’s assistant. She is instrumental in the filming of the propos. She has silver flowers tattooed into her cheeks.



An AMAZING fan just sent this along. It’s of the current fan choice for Squad 451 (according to our polls).

Squad 451, or simply “451“, is a special unit of rebel sharpshooters.
They are also referred to as the “Star Squad” because they are the on-screen faces of the rebel invasion.

Thanks KatRose16!

If you agree with this cast, support them by voting for them in the polls. If you would rather have a different cast, then you can still pick your favorite in the polls and we can update the Star Squad as top choices change.

Picture 16


DELLY CARTWRIGHT (Female, 16-18)
She is a very kind person. She was a childhood friend of Peeta and was in the same class as him and Katniss. In The Hunger Games, Delly Cartwright is described as a pasty-faced, lumpy girl with yellowish hair. In Mockingjay she is said to look older with her long blonde hair in a practical braid instead of curls. She’s also a bit thinner. Katniss said she remembers Delly being one of the few kids in District 12 with a few pounds to spare.

New Catching Fire Stills

Here are a couple new stills from imdb. What do you think?

Picture 17

Picture 18

On Set of Catching Fire

Here’s a photo from the set of Catching Fire. How do you think new director Francis Lawrence will fare helming the next three films?

Plutarch- Catching Fire

Here’s a new still of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch from Catching Fire. What do you think?


HAZELLE (Female, 40s)
Hazelle Hawthorne is the mother of Gale as well as Rory, Vick, and Posy. Her husband was killed in the same mine accident as Katniss’s father. Hazelle had to work very hard in District 12 as a washerwoman to make ends meet to support herself and her four children.