BOGGS (Male, mid 40s)
Boggs is first introduced as President Coin’s right hand man and is part of the Star Squad. He becomes Katniss’ protector. Boggs is described as having close cropped gray hair and blue eyes. He is also noted as having incredible posture.



  1. Kat says:

    i never imagined boggs as white…. anyone else? actually, there are a lot of caucasian choices for all the roles. strange for a futuristic north america….

  2. That’s the wrong James Morrison whose picture you have here. That is James Morrison the singer. This is James Morrison the actor, who I suggested for the role: http://www.kiefersutherland24.net/bioMorrison.htm

  3. Jeaine says:

    Yeah. I never imagined Boggs as white either for some reason.

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